Another happy patient

Our Liverpool Dentist prides itself on the fact that we put our patient's welfare and comfort above all else to ensure that their visit to our Dental Practice is a happy and successful one.

Here is what one of our patients had to say recently:

"Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your staff. I used to have an almost irrational fear of the dentist (rough childhood memories don't go easily!!)

Remember to leave healthy teeth for the tooth fairy

British children receive almost £24m each year from the Tooth Fairy, according to the results of a new nationwide survey.

The poll, conducted by the Oral Health Foundation, found that the nation’s youngsters are receiving an average of £1.58 per tooth.

The charity surveyed more than 2,000 parents from across the United Kingdom, to find out how much the Tooth Fairy leaves for a child’s baby teeth when they fall out.

Healthy Teeth over the Summer

It’s the great British summertime – a perfect time for barbeques, hitting the beach and spending long sunny days with your friends and family. The summer can also be a great time for your health too, with sunlight providing you with plenty of vitamin D, which plays an important role in your immune system by assisting in the activation of infection-fighting cells.

Summertime also gives your oral health a massive helping hand too, as vitamin D helps keep bones and teeth healthy. Research has even suggested that it can help prevent gum disease.

Is your breakfast leading to tooth decay?

The BDA has called for sweeping changes to food marketing and product formulation, as new research published today reveals the extent of misleading claims on sugar-rich cereals aimed at children.

Analysis of packaging for the 13 top selling cereals from Cardiff University, published in the British Dental Journal, has revealed:

 At the manufacturer's suggested portion sizes, 8 out of 13 top cereals provide over half the Public Health England recommended daily sugar intake for 4-6 year olds.

Did you know that poor oral health can affect your sporting ability?

Poor levels of oral hygiene also negatively impact self-confidence and ability to eat .  Half elite British sportspeople suffer tooth decay and two-thirds have gum disease, impacting on-field performance, new research claims.

In the largest ever study of its kind, more than 350 sportsmen and women from nine GB Olympic teams, along with Team Sky, England Rugby and Reading FC, underwent oral health screening.

Authorities are clamping down on illegal tooth whitening

If you are considering having tooth whitening it is really important that it is carried out by a trained, qualified professional.  Our cosmetic dentist, based in Liverpool, can offer you great results with our effective and safe tooth whitening.   By law, tooth whitening should only be carried out by a qualified dental professional.  To enquire about our tooth whitening  services, please contact our cosmetic dentist today.

Are you happy with your smile?

Three in four Brits either like or love their smile, according to the results of a new nationwide survey.

The poll, carried out by the Oral Health Foundation, found that more than half (55%) of those interviewed were highly positive about their smile while nearly one in five (18%) displayed an even greater love for it.   

The charity questioned more than 1,300 adults in the United Kingdom to investigate how positively people feel about their smile and how healthy they believe their mouth is.

What is a geographic tongue?

Geographic tongue is a common condition. It appears on the top and sides of the tongue, and sometimes on the under-surface. The tongue develops irregular, smooth, red areas, which may look like the outline of a map. There are usually wavy white lines next to the red patches.

You may notice that after a few weeks or months the position of these lines and red patches changes.

Why does it happen?