Reputable, professional private dentist

Reputable, professional private dentist

Do not leave your oral hygiene to chance.  Make sure your oral health is looked after by a professional private dentist.  Our team of highly qualified private Dentists in Liverpool are long serving staff members with outstanding reputations.  We have experience in dealing with the most nervous of patients but you can be assured we will help you attain a beautiful white, bright smile.  We offer 0% finance on our private dental treatments so taking care of your smile has never been easier.  If you are looking for a Private Dentist, please contact us here and we will be happy to discuss your dental needs with you.

Woman left too embarrassed to smile by botched dental surgery wins £21,000 compensation.

Kimberley Gregory, 29, had a front tooth filling replaced four times and endured years of pain due to decay and inadequate root canal treatment.

Kimberley, of Stockport, Gtr Manchester, eventually went private after her mydentist branch failed to tackled the problems.

An X-ray found surgery had not been carried out properly and more was needed to tackle decay.

Robert Pettitt, of the Dental Law Partnership, which fought her case, said she suffered “unnecessary pain and distress”.

Mydentist said: “We would like to apologise.”

Article compliments of The Mirror