Teeth Whitening still only £149 in December

Teeth Whitening still only £149 in December

Teeth Whitening still only £149 for the month of December. Why not book your appointment today, 0151 727 3012?

We offer patients our Home Whitening treatment which allows you to gradually whiten your teeth at home. It is one of the easiest and most popular tooth whitening options. Our Home Whitening treatment involves the use of whitening trays, which are specially designed to match the shape of your teeth. These wearable teeth whitening trays are user-friendly and come equipped with markings to indicate where the whitening gel should be loaded.

You don’t have to be a patient to book in. Your first appointment is approximately 15mins, the dentist takes impressions of your top and bottom teeth. A week later you will see the dentist again, who will make sure the custom made trays fit correctly and show you how to use it. Patients normally see a difference in a few days and full effect in two weeks. (Whitening treatment will not change the colour of existing crowns or veneers)

The product we use is Zoom by Philips. and we use the home whitening kit.

We can provide gift vouchers if bought as a gift.

Book today, call the practice on 0151 727 3012