Treatment terms are discussed with patients and agreed. Where patients attend the practice for the first time, terms for the initial appointment are discussed when the appointment is made

Written cost estimates are given for treatment proposed under private contract, and for treatment proposed under NHS arrangements in accordance with NHS Regulations
We share clinical decision-making with the patient, based on clear explanations of the condition and the treatment options available
Dentists share professional judgements on types of risks to be identified to patients, when explaining treatment options
Patients are asked about their preferred form of pain control
Record-keeping notations are discussed to ensure comprehensibility to other clinicians
Regular checks of record-keeping are carried out to ensure that records properly document the decision-making and care process
The practice has discussed and formally adopted ‘Selection criteria for dental radiography’ as a guide to the use of radiographs. Regular checks of the quality of radiographs are carried out
Patients are referred to specialists, where appropriate, and referral systems are checked regularly
Check findings are discussed at practice meetings and checking is rotated amongst dentists to ensure an effective exchange of views.